Stainless Steel Spoke Sets

Stainless steel spoke sets are supplied with nickel plated brass nipples for Road Bikes or nickel plated steel nipples for Offroad Bikes.

Unpolished stainless steel spokes resemble galvanized spokes with the added benefit of being corrosion resistant.

Polished stainless steel gives spokes a chrome-like appearance, but without the same level of maintenance.

Stainless steel single gauge (polished or unpolished)
6g, 7g, 8g, 9g, 10g (and 12g only unpolished)

Stainless steel single butted (polished only)
5/7g, 6/7g, 6/8g, 7/8g, 7/9g, 8/9g, 8/10g, 9/10g, and 10/12g

Stainless steel double butted (polished only)
8/9/8g, 8/10/8g, 9/10/9g, 9/12/9g, 10/12/10g
Made only to order

Spoke sets are made in house to order

The estimated dispatch time for spokes sets are 6 - 10 working days

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