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Spoke Details

Spoke material: Galvanised (high carbon steel), bright steel (for painting), stainless steel or bulldog (high tensile stainless).

Spoke finish: Polished, unpolished, powder coated, black chromed, chemically blacked, galvanised or bright steel.

Spoke type: Single gauge, Double butted or Single butted.Spoke Types

Spoke dimension: Length, gauge of wire, angle of bend, length of bend. Straight spokes are measured over total length.

Nipple size: Gauge, diameter underhead, material and type of finish.

Please note: Similar material, such as stainless steel spokes with stainless steel nipples can seize together over time. If in doubt, please ask before you order!

Spoke Materials

  • Galvanised steel was the traditional material for spokes, although stainless steel is now more popular and gives a better longer lasting finish.
  • Unpolished stainless steel spokes resemble galvanized spokes with the added benefit of being corrosion resistant.
  • Polished stainless steel gives spokes a chrome-like appearance, but without the same level of maintenance.
  • Bright steel single gauge and single butted are available (for painting) in certain diameters.
  • Single and double butted spokes are only produced in stainless steel and can only be supplied polished.
  • Bulldog spokes are made from a high tensile stainless steel developed for the Motocross / Offroad market. The material is very hard wearing and will not stretch with use. Bulldog spokes can only support bends up to 35 degrees.
  • Galvanized spoke sets are usually supplied with zinc plated steel nipples.
  • Stainless steel spoke sets are supplied with nickel plated brass nipples for Road Bikes or nickel plated steel nipples for Offroad Bikes.
  • Bulldog spokes are usually supplied with aluminium nipples. (can be Nickel plated steel).
  • Chemically dipped black spokes (single gauge or single butted). In Satin finish.
  • Black chromed spokes (single gauge or single butted. In Gloss finish.

Spoke sets are made in house to order

The estimated dispatch time for spokes sets are 6 - 10 working days

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