Bike Care

After Care for your wheels is an important part of ownership which is why we have conducted indepth research into the very best products for you and your wheels.

Bike Care

Luster Lace

Luster Lace polishing strips are especially designed to
work on spokes, rods, front forks, exhaust or any other
round or tubular objects. The polish is in the strip.
Owing to the enormous polishing power on the surface
and the 360o mode of operation you don’t miss a spot
and save up to 70% of work time.

SM Pro Platinum Rinse

Hi-performance wheel wash, incorporating a specially
chosen blend of fully biodegradable surfactants
designed to rapidly clean every part of your machine,
provides a powerful penetrating action which releases
the correct amount of active cleaning power to ensure
perfect results every time from mud covered bikes by
removing ingrained dirt, mud, grime, sand and clay etc.
with the minimum of effort leaving a streak and smear
free shiny finish

SM Pro Platinum Rinse.

Rim Wax

Where expense is secondary to results, Rim Wax is a
unique bike detailing product, manufactured from the
highest quality raw materials and producing the finest
waxed paint finish ever seen. Comprising a colourful
range of interior and exterior products, Rim Wax is aimed specifically at those with a passion for a clean bike.

Rim Wax is 100% pure carnuba-based wax and polish,
enhanced by non-stick protection and formulated using
Rim Wax’s proprietary blend of flourocarbon polymer
resins. This gives Rim Wax its characteristic wet looking, long lasting depth of shine along with UV (40) protection to reduce fading, oxidation and paint cracking.

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