Spokes and Nipples Stock

Most motorcycles have single gauge or single butted spokes fitted as standard, although some early BSA’s feature a combination of both types of spoke.

We can also supply double butted spokes. Likewise, some early motorcycles were fitted with only one size of spoke, whereas others featured two, three or sometimes four different sizes.

A ‘Classic Wheel’ is often fitted with four different spokes, but please remember, it’s essential not to assume anything and check thoroughly before ordering.

For example, even though the inner and outer spokes on one side of the hub look the same, it is more than likely they are different in length, angle or bend length, albeit marginally.

NipplesAlso, if the motorcycle in question is over 50 years old, and sometimes over 100 years old, it is likely the rim, spokes and even the hub are not original and probably replacement parts. Even if you see another motorcycle that is the same make, model and year of manufacture as yours, you should still assume nothing!

It is also worth noting that while many pre-war models were built using galvanised spokes, the majority of replacement spokes we supply for rebuild are now made from stainless steel.

Listed below are the standard sizes of spokes we carry in stock:


Galvanised single gauge
8g, 9g, 10g and 12g

Stainless steel single gauge (polished or unpolished)
6g, 7g, 8g, 9g, 10g (and 12g only unpolished)

Stainless steel single butted (polished only)
5/7g, 6/7g, 6/8g, 7/8g, 7/9g, 8/9g, 8/10g, 9/10g, and 10/12g

Bright steel single butted
(for chrome plating or painting/powder coating)
5/7g, 6/8g, 6/7g, 7/8g, 7/9g

Bright steel single gauge
(for chrome plating or painting/powder coating)
6g and 7g

Stainless steel double butted (polished only)
8/9/8g, 8/10/8g, 9/10/9g, 9/12/9g, 10/12/10g
Made only to order

Spoke gauges are as follows:

Gauge Diameter
12 = 2.60mm (0.104")
10 = 3.20mm (0.124")
9 = 3.60mm (0.142")
8 = 4.00mm (0.156")
7 = 4.30mm (0.171")
6 = 4.87mm (0.192")
5 = 5.15mm (0.203")
4 = 5.70mm (0.224")

We do not stock 14 gauge, 13 gauge or 11 gauge spokes.
Metric gauge sizes available on bulk orders - 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.50mm.

Nipple sizes are as follows:

Barrel Diameter

5.08mm (0.200")
5.75mm (0.225")
6.40mm (0.250")
7.00mm (0.275")
7.60mm (0.300")
8.70mm (0.350")


The nipples we supply are made from either brass, steel or aluminium, each with different surface finishes, depending on the material the nipple is made from:

  • Nipples for galvanised spokes are made from steel and are bright zinc plated (nickel plated available on request).
  • Nipples for stainless steel spokes are made from brass and are nickel plated.
  • Nipples made from aluminium are available for use with Bulldog Spokes (Trials, Scramble, Motocross and Enduro Bikes). A variety of anodised colours are available.
  • We do carry some sizes of unplated nipples in stock (brass and steel).
  • Stainless steel (imperial gauge) nipples also available (please enquire).


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