Rim Ordering Procedure

We can supply anything from a single wheel rim or set of spokes right through to a complete wheel assembly, built in-house by our specialist wheelbuilders. Whichever you require, please remember we can work better from a sample than a poor sketch with inaccurate measurements.

Please note, we supply replacement rims not replicas. Some may differ in dimple pattern or drilling to the original equipment parts, but will fit the hub specified.

Hub Details

We receive hubs in all types of condition, from ancient to new, and of every size and type imaginable. Our in-house powder coating and blasting facilities enable us to restore an ancient hub to superb visual condition, but we cannot be held responsible for the hub’s integrity when it is re-tensioned using a new rim and spoke set.

The two hub sketches show a single-sided hub and a full width hub, with dimensions D1, D2 and W1; along with a sketch (below) of a sectioned wheel rim, showing the O1 hub offset dimension.

Rim Details

When ordering, please confirm the following details:

  • Width and diameter of rim and number of spokes, eg. 19” x 1.85” x 40 hole.
  • Type of rim: chrome-plated, powder coated steel, stainless steel, or alloy.
  • Most rims will be dimpled and drilled (depending on the type of hub), and wheels will usually have 36 or 40 spokes, although don’t be surprised to find 28 or 32 holes in a rim, plus one for the valve hole and one or two for the security bolts (which were fitted in bygone days to the rim to stop tyre slippage).
  • Every hub requires the holes in the rim to be set at a unique angle, so it’s essential you supply the correct dimensions D1, D2, W1 and O1 when ordering replacement rims. (See diagram opposite).
  • If a complete rebuild is required, your old hub will need to be supplied. (Bearings removed).
  • When ordering new rims, if possible state the type of hub the wheel currently has eg. Full width, conical, disc brake, QD, cotton reel or single sided. Also the type and model of bike and year of manufacture.

Rim Ordering Procedure

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