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Manufacturer of the World Renowned
‘BULLDOG’ High Tensile Stainless Spoke.


The “Bulldog” Stainless steel spoke was developed specifically for the Motocross and Super moto off-road market and is used by many of Europe’s leading wheel builders. These spokes can be found fitted to the wheels of many top race team bikes. KTM, Honda, Suzuki and Husaberg teams all use the CWC “Bulldog” spoke.

Two years of extensive research and testing was undertaken to find this unique material that handles the extreme demands of both MX and Enduro racing.

The requirements of spokes for off road use differs greatly from normal road use. MX wheels often hit the ground from great heights. The “compressed” wheels are then subject to hard acceleration at the same time as the wheel springs back into shape.

To counter all these different stresses it was necessary to find a material that was strong enough to absorb the force of acceleration, whilst also having minimal elasticity so as not to stretch when the wheel “springs” back into shape after landing. The “Bulldog” high tensile spoke satisfies all these criteria.

Over the past few years many spokes have been tested by manufacturers to give the strength required for off-road use, some have chosen to use 4.5mm or even 5mm spokes to give the strength, but this makes the wheel very heavy. Others have used butted spokes, giving extra thickness at the hub and reduced weight over the remainder of the spoke, but this is often very expensive.

The “Bulldog” spoke allows you to use 4mm spokes throughout, creating a stronger, lighter and cheaper wheel.

The CWC range of "Bulldog" spokes are available in 3 options ..

OEM: To fit the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) wheel.
SM Pro: To fit our own SM Pro Platinum wheel.
Haan: To fit Haan wheel with Excel rims.

Spoke Fitments

The standard wheel set will consist of 36 "high tensile" stainless steel single gauge spokes in 8 gauge (4mm) rear and/or 9 gauge (3.6mm) front.

Our standard spoke sets all come with Nickel plated steel nipples as standard.

The option is available to have coloured alloy nipples.

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